Environment Centre
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PaedDr. Tomáš Hák, Ph.D. is the teacher guaranteeing this course at the Department of Social and Cultural Ecology of the Faculty of Humanities, CU. Besides him Mgr. Miroslav Havránek, Mgr. Jan Kovanda, Ph.D. and Mgr. David Vačkář, Ph.D. participate in teaching the subject.

The course develops basic knowledge of methods of assessment of the interactions of human activities and the environment. It is based on the concept of socio-economic metabolism, which considers anthroposphere a subsystem of the environment, whic is linked to its surroundings through energy and material flows among others. Students get acquainted with the major approaches for the calculation of indicators of pressures on environment through energy and material flows and of indicators on demands on territory/area. Attention is paid especially to the interpretative possibilities of the resulting indicators.

The course in the Information System of the Charles University (in Czech only)

The course is preceded by the course Assessments of Sustainable Development I.