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Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Czech Republic

Project web pages  

Financial support:

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute 

Project duration


Project coordinator in CUEC:

Miroslav Havránek  

Project partners:

KONEKO Marketing, s.r.o.

Centrum pro dopravní výzkum, v.v.i. (Transport Research Centre)  

Ústav pro výzkum lesních ekosystémů  (IFER - Insitute of Forest Ecosystem Research)   

Project description:

CUEC has been participating on this long-term project on the preparation of the national inventory of greenhouse gases and more specifically GHG from the waste sector. The standardized methodology used by the IPCC is used here for the calculation, bearing in mind he nationally and technology-specific conditions in the Czech Republic.

In this project emissions of methane from landfills, emissions of methane and nitrous oxide from waste water and carbon dioxide emissions from waste incineration are estimated. The results are published annually in the CR NIR (National Inventory Report), which is submitted to the Secretariat of the Framework Convention on Climate Change and to the European Environment Agency.   

Project outputs:

National Inventory Reports since 2001  

HAVRÁNEK, Miroslav. Emissions of methane from solid waste disposal sites in the Czech Republic during 1990-2005 : Application of first order decay model. CUEC Working paper 2/2007.