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University leaders in SDGs

Financial support

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, CRP

Project duration

1. 1. 2022–31. 12. 2023

Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Jiří Dlouhý a Dana Kapitulčinová

Project description

In order to support the implementation of the SDGs and protect our society and environment, we as stakeholders from within HEIs have identified a mutually beneficial intention to act in a coordinated manner in the implementation of the SDGs, to share our experiences, to exchange available and workable domestic and international good practices, and to gradually form a voluntary set of recommendations for a transparent and measurable expression of progress towards the goals.

The project aims to strengthen the role of universities as "effective, accountable and inclusive" public organisations by ensuring more effective collaboration in the transfer of good practice in the implementation of the SDGs within the operational aspects of universities (the so-called "Resources for Change").

The output of the project will be, inter alia, a set of recommendations applicable by university management and their subsequent transfer into practice through the necessary involvement of internal and external key persons.

A follow-up project proposal for 2023 is currently being drafted to further develop the wider engagement area (there remains scope for future development in the area of curriculum and potentially a generic voluntary standard).