Environment Centre
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Centre of environmental research: Waste management, circular economy and environmetal secutiry

Financial support

Technological Agency of the Czech Republic)

Project duration

1. 1. 2023–31. 12. 2027

Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Jan Weinzettel

Project description

 The aim of the project is to build a long-term, professional, interdisciplinary, research base made up of key research organizations with experience and expertise to carry out research in the field of waste and circular management in a broader context. The Center will provide the Ministry of the Environment, other ministries, expert platforms and other entities with research results, dissemination of scientific knowledge and expert support in policy making, strategies and regulations. The Center, formed by a consortium of eight research organizations and universities, is focused on conducting research in the thematic areas related to the Czech Republic's transition from a linear to a circular economic model. This transition requires research in new areas such as substance flows, innovative technologies to minimize the use of primary raw materials in production, maximum material usability and recovery of waste, byproducts and intermediate products, ecodesign of products, monitoring and evaluation of not only environmental, but also socio-economic processes. The main thematic areas the Center will focus on in its activities are waste and circulation management, monitoring and development of new monitoring tools to monitor the transition to the circular economy, including the development of new indicators, life cycle analysis, ecodesign standards, environmental contamination, emerging pollutants, using new methods and approaches to identify and eliminate pollution, e.g. through satellite remote sensing. The area of environmental security, prevention of major industrial accidents and related topics of cyber security and social acceptability of environmentally and technologically induced risks are also an indispensable topic. The activities of the Center interconnect science, technology and humanities in one interdisciplinary platform with the aim of moving the Czech Republic closer to the circular economy.