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Recreational purposes of Vltava river cascade and its economical potential under the climate change (2019-2022)

Financial support

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Project duration


Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Kateřina Kaprová

Cooperating institutions

 Project description

Project aims to assess the economic potential of recreation function in the Vltava River cascade and to predict its further development under the different scenarios of climate change. The outputs of analysis of the economical aspects of recreational use of Vltava cascade and its development or related risks will be presented to the users through software. Detailed technical solution of the analysis will be summarized and discussed in the final report of the project and in a scientiic article.

 Main project results

  • Software for an interactive evaluation of recreation use of the Vltava River cascade in the context of climate change
  • Article „Evaluation of the economic potential of the recreation use of hydraulic structures“
  • Final research report

 Research team in CUEC

  • Kateřina Kaprová
  • Jan Melichar