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Technological Agency of the Czech Republic

Project duration


Coordinator of the project in CUEC

Jana Dlouhá

Project partners

South Bohemian University in České Budějovice, Faculty of Economics

Project description

The three-year lifelong learning project exploits the innovation potential of universities to support capacities of local actors for sustainable development in the regions of the Czech Republic. In interaction of several institutions, training system for the Local Action Group network will be developed, tested and implemented as a Certified Methodology. Methodical materials and the Portal of regional sustainable development based on the latest scientific knowledge and the existing good practice will cover 9 thematic areas of sustainable regional development. Mapping situation on-site will serve as a base for decision-making; new evaluation tools will assess the impact of educational interventions. The results will support regional development processes based on the bottom-up initiatives.

Main project results

  • Methodology of capacity building of local actors for sustainable development of the region – 01-2022
  • Regional sustainable development in perspective of SDGs - Peer-reviwed article – 08-2021
  • Conditions for Sustainable Development in the Countryside - How to Promote Transformation Processes in Practice? - Peer-reviwed article – 09-2021
  • Sustainable Regional Development Portal – 12-2020
  • Mapping and planning study – 08-2019
  • Course materials – 08-2019
  • Methodological materials for courses – 08-2020
  • Final workshop – 10-2021

Research team in CUEC