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Socio-ecological and psychological impacts of the Temelín nuclear power plant on the population

The objectives of the projects can be summed up as building on the existing quantitative and qualitative sociological surveys of the local population around the Temelín nuclear powerplant, veryfing the results and extending the research.

Socio-ecological and psychological impacts of the Temelín nuclear power plant on the population


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the process of implementation of the conclusions of the Mlek Process (2000) 

Project duration


Project coordinator in CUEC

PhDr. Ivan Rynda

Project description

The aims of the project are the following ones:

1. Complete a long-term concept of systematic sociological survey of the population: time and comparative analysis, observation and assessment of attitiudes of the locals and of the wider surroundings towards the Temelín nuclear power plant in the form of a quantitative research, a repeated qualitative research and using a set of indicators.

2. Verify the general findings of the whole body of the hitherto existing research, elaborate on them and substantially extend them.

3. Prepare a draft concept of a one time and a repeated sociological survey of the population in cases of comparable large investment buildings of regional and nation-wide importance, especially of the ones belonging to the energy sector with the basic aim: refine, accelerate and reduce the costs of the participatory decision-making process so that it could lead to a universally optimal outcome. A condition was to design a communication strategy that would substantially enhance the mutual trust among all actors in the process.

Work progress:

  • A qualitative research in the form of biographical interviews (17) and semi-structured interviews (50) was conducted and evaluated, including an evaluation of all available literature showing the state of art in the years preceding the research.
  • A pilot research on a relevant sample of 100 randomly selected respondents was conducted and evaluated, in order to verify the adaptation of a structured queastionnaire using the standardized Quality of Life Profile Methodology (Adult Version) to the needs of Central European and Czech conditions and particularly to the case of Temelín.
  • A quantitative research using an enhanced questionnaire on a representative sample of 1043 respondents, representing all residents of the region of South Bohemia above 15 years of age was conducted.
  • A preliminary set of indicators applicable for the target general concept of the research and subsequent decision-making process in similar cases of large investments, especially of industrial plants in the landscape.
  • The results of the research have been continuously published and discussed with experts on a number of lectures and at the conference organized by the of University of South Bohemia and by the Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology ASCR. Within the framework of the Czech-Austrian intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in energy field in academia more general research and energy issues have been discussed at multiple meetings.
  • A quantitative research was conducted in 2005 to verify, elaborate and  extend the conclusions.
  • Qualitative research (in 2008 – after 5 years) focused on the exploration of medium-term trends, anticipation of reactions of the main groups of population and optimization of communication strategies and decision-making processes.
  • Design of a general conception of research including the set of indicators.