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Microeconomic, Econometric and Meta-Analysis Framework for Investigation of Unintended Effects of Climate and Energy Policies

Financial support:

Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

Project duration:


Coordinator of the project in CUEC:

Milan Ščasný

Project description:

Project Coordinator: Prof. Karel Janda (IES FSV CUNI)

First, the project extends the existing theoretical analysis of the supply side green paradox to more types of backstops and takes into account possible violations of the Herfindahl rule when backstops constitute imperfect substitutes for fossil fuels. The project focuses in depth on biofuels as one of the backstops, investigating the existing biofuels controversies using both meta-analysis and classical econometric approaches. Second, the project provides a new empirical evidence of the Jevons paradox and direct rebound effect related to energy consumption of Czech households. Third, the project investigates the energy paradox and energy efficiency gap focusing on behavioral explanations, especially inattention, split incentives and agency issues. Finally, the project evaluates the extent of selective reporting in climate and energy policy literature and derives the values of key policy parameters corrected for the potential selective reporting bias and conditional on best-practice methodology.


The goal of this project is to contribute to the development of a state-of-the-art analytical framework firmly based on economic theory and serving as a tool for fundamental economic investigation of potential unintended effects, paradoxes and biases appearing when the impacts of climate change and energy policies are assessed.

Realization team :

Milan Ščasný