Environment Centre
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The aim of this project is to quantify the environmental consequences of individual purchases and activities of city-centered lifestyles. 

Financial support:

Charles University

Project duration:


Coordinator of the project in CUEC:

Jan Weinzettel

Project description:

In addition to standard impact categories of life cycle assessment (such as climate change, eutrophication, etc.) we will develop and apply a novel approach to quantify the impacts on biosphere integrity, a newly defined planetary boundary. We will also address land use and land cover change related emissions of carbon dioxide, which substantially contribute to human induced climate change, but are often not included in life cycle assessment of products. This project will help to determine the driving forces within lifestyles responsible for the highest environmental footprints and to estimate a potential for decreasing environmental burden by changes in individual lifestyle activities. Finally we will design lifestyles as a set of activities and the related consumption within the limits of environmental sustainability. 

Realization team :

Jan Weinzettel