Environment Centre
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The conference was one of the regular meetings of the University Teachers Forum focused on the mapping (from the theoretical and practical point of view) the current state of education for sustainable development within Czech universities. It showed current possibilities in application of sustainability themes and incentives in the university teaching/learning concepts and strategies, in research and practical cooperation with regional stakeholders. It was an opportunity to reflect on existing experiences and “good practice”, but also to discuss possible barriers to further development.

The Conference briefly outlined recent strategies for this type of education in relation to the international trends (especially emergence of Regional Centres of Expertise within the UN University framework) and current national policy documents (particularly now finished Action Plan of the Strategy for the Education for Sustainable Development and the State Program of the Environmental Education, which also applies to universities).

The Conference took place in Jinonice University Campus on September 23, 2009.

The conference had two specific objectives – first, before start of the winter semester to inform each other on new courses including those running under international project of cooperation in higher education. The other aim was to discuss university education in the wider professional and political context of sustainable development.

The conference was also an opportunity to present research related to the teaching/learning for sustainable development. Relevant contributions will be in the nearest future published in peer-reviewed journal Envigogika, other materials from the conference are available on the Czech web page of the conference (only in Czech).