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New INHERIT Baseline Report  investigates links between behaviour, health, environmental and social resilience. The report looks at what can be done to encourage lifestyles, which protect the environment and promote health equity by focusing on the way we live, move, and consume. It is based on a review of scientific literature and framed by the INHERIT model which is presented in the report.

“A number of policies and practices described in the INHERIT Baseline Report to e.g. increase the availability and use of green space in urban areas, promote cycling and reduce levels of meat consumption, aim to create environments for change. The challenge is to strengthen and scale-up the most promising ‘triple-win’ initiatives - those that support the environment, good health, and equity at the same time” said Brigit Staatsen, lead author from RIVM.

To view the Baseline Report, the accompanying Summary Report, and to find out more about INHERIT, visit www.inherit.eu

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