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Environmental Footprint Lab

We aim to quantify environmental impacts from a consumer responsibility perspective covering the entire life cycle of the consumed products. We focus on the environmental footprints of international trade, individual products, households, cities, countries and broader regions. We utilize existing environmental footprints, such as the carbon, ecological, water, material and land footprints and we continue to develop novel approaches in development of environmental footprints to reflect human impacts on ecosystems and their services. We apply process life cycle assessment (LCA) and multi-regional input-output analysis (MRIO) in which we focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the quantification of the site-specific environmental impacts of agriculture. More information

We contribute to the following research projects:

  • Czech Science Foundation Expro 2019-2023: Frontiers in Energy Efficiency Economics and Modelling (FE3M)

Scientific Articles of Environmental Footprint Lab


The most important results of our team members are the calculator of environmental impacts of food and scientific publications.