Environment Centre

We explore the relationship between society and the environment using social science methods, particularly quantitative economics and sociology.

Our topics of interest include:

  • Behavioural research focused on the factors explaining consumption and behaviour of individuals and households, predominantly developed in the area of demand for transport, energy, food and catering, in which economic (demand systems, discrete choice models, random utility model) and social psychological (especially theory of planned behaviour) approaches complement each other;
  •  Modelling of energy system development and emissions projections (TIMES model), including analysis of the determinants of emissions development (decomposition analysis, econometrics);
  • Analysis of the impact of regulations on the economy and households through macroeconomic models (general equilibrium model, macroeconometric model E3ME; hybrid model CGE-DC) or simulation models (DASMOD, MRIOT-CES);
  • Quantification of external costs and impacts of pollution on human health, buildings and materials and the environment, including analysis of the impact of climate change on sectoral development (e.g. tourism);
  • Valuation of non-market goods, where the value of the good being valued is derived from a proxy market, or determined directly from hypothetical human decisions, applied to a range of areas such as human health and fertility, mortality risk; environmental characteristics of market goods; or quality and quantity of environmental services.
  • Research on attitudes, values and norms, e.g. research on the acceptability of environmental policies, mitigation and adaptation measures; electromobility, physical activity and healthy eating.

Scientific Articles of Dpt. of Env. Economics and Sociology