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Níže naleznete prezentace ze semináře "Forestry Valuation and Policy Relevance" ke stažení.

Invitation and introduction - Jan Melichar, Charles University Environment Center (pdf, 24 kB)

Selection Between Conditional and Unconditional Models of Recreation Demand: An Analysis of Count and Multinomial Dirichlet Models - Jeffrey Englin, Juan Marcos González-Sepúlveda, Department of Resource Economics, University of Nevada (pdf, 669 kB)

Valuing Changes in Forest Biodiversity. The Application of a CE Approach to Białowieża Forest in Poland - Mikołaj Czajkowski, Małgorzata Buszko-Briggs, Warsaw Ecological Economics Center, Warsaw University (pdf, 296 kB)

Existence Value of an Endangered Bird Species in the Czech Republic - Jan Urban, Charles University Environment Center (pdf, 239 kB)

Empirical Experience from the Application of Non-market Valuation Methods in Tatras National Park - Denisa Lániková, Faculty of Business Management, University of Economics in Bratislava (pdf, 191 kB)

Modeling Woodland Recreation Demand in the Jizerske hory Mountains Using Count Data Models - Jan Melichar, Charles University Environment Center

A Brief Note on Forestry Valuation in Decision-making and Environmental Damage Litigations - Vojtěch Máca, Charles University Environment Center (pdf, 207 kB)

Valuing Water Quality Choice Experiment Approach - Ondřej Vojáček, Department of Environmental Economics, University of Economics in Prague