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Waygood, E.O.D., Wang, B., Daziano, R., Patterson, Z. and Braun Kohlová, M. (2021). The Climate Change Stage of Change Measure: Vehicle Choice Experiment. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management., https://doi.org/10.1080/09640568.2021.1913107

 Various measures have been proposed and validated to assess environmental motivation and explain peoples’ consumer behavior. However, most of the measures are rather complex, sometimes comprising dozens of items. In order to overcome the associated response burden, the goal of our research is to validate a much simpler measure of environmental motivation, namely the measure of Climate Change-Stage of Change. To do so we analyze data from a discrete choice experiment in which drivers decide to purchase a car with different levels of CO2 emissions and we also measure their environmental motivation with three alternative measures. The results show that environmental motivation assessed with Climate Change-Stage of Change explains the choices in the experiment as well as with more complex measures. Our findings have substantial implications for researchers as they may be able to assess climate-relevant motivation – a significant factor for many consumer choices – with a single question.