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Dlouhý, J., Dlouhá, J., (2019). Scientific Evidences on Climate Change – Objective Facts, or Arguments for Societal Transformation. Životné prostredie,53/4, 2019, Permanent link 


The article briefly summarises history of climate science endeavours and attempts to “translate” scientific messages for policy-makers. We describe the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) publication process and argue the scientific soundness of its findings, and we then map efforts to undermine the credibility of its conclusions and present the most contentious denialism strategies. Althouhg detrimental changes to the global ecosystem and environment continue to accelerate, there are still barriers to societal acceptance of IPCC research results. The role of science in this process is to provide critical viewpoints, reproducible methods and verifiable results. This will guarantee a basis for democratic dialogue and value-based approach required for urgent action.